Love is Dangerous

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  • Published : May 11, 2011
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Britta Carlson

Love is Dangerous
The rules of courtly love guide the characters of the knights’ stories through their love lives. Some rules are a little realistic; such as no one can love more than one person. While others are a little more ridiculous, like a woman must swoon when her love walks into the room, or she must regularly go pale in his presence. In today’s society, these rules will be a little extreme. But they are what make these stories interesting. The ones that are addressed here are broken by some, and very much kept by others. Marriage does not prevent love is the first rule to be looked at. This can be true in some instances, but love should not be condoned if one of the two are married. It is not right for someone to pursue someone in a marriage. There are three characters in our stories that either make or break this rule. Laustic definitely stays true to this rule when he falls in love with his neighbor’s wife. But, He does not really think ahead and see that this can only lead to heartache. Another character that keeps this rule is Guinevere. The fact that she is not only married, but married to the king does not hinder her from falling in love with Lanval enough to betray him to the king when he refuses her. These two characters have no regard for the commitment of marriage, but even still keep to the rules of courtly love. However on the flip side of this situation, Lanval stays true to his honor, and refuses to betray not only his king, but also his beloved. Lanval does not give in to temptation and keeps his honor intact, therefore breaking the rule of courtly love. This rule is ridiculous because love cannot change so easily and swiftly. When you are truly in love with someone, there would be no doubt in either of their minds that their husband or wife would be faithful. If the ones who are actually married really loved their spouses, others would not tempt them so easily. Lanval is the character that breaks the mold, and chooses...
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