Love Is Blind

Topics: High school, 2006 albums, Brian Wilson Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Osikenoya Usman-Aliu
Professor Katherine A. James
February 21,2013
Narrative Essay

Why Does He Do Me This Way?

I can remember the first day I laid eyes on him it was truly love at first sight. My name is Lily Jackson and I’ll tell you why love is blind. I was 14 years old and in the eighth grade year. I hated eighth grade year because everyone had a boyfriend except for me. I was always the outcast. That all changed for me the second semester in eighth grade. My teacher Ms. Williams announced to the class that we were having a new student join room 411. Everyone was excited, but I wasn’t because it was going to be another student that didn’t like me. Ms. Williams went outside and said “Class meet Jerome”

Everyone started whispering: “where is he going to sit”? “What if I don’t like him”? The boys stated” I might have to beat him up if he talks crazy to anybody”? I slouched back in my seat covering my face. When he finally walked in everyone’s mouth dropped. The girl’s eyes grew big and the boys were angry. He entered the class and said “hey everyone” in this nice deep voice. Jerome was tall, handsome, had a clean fade, and beautiful straight white teeth. “He’ll sit next to Lilly” said Ms. Williams.

“This will give you time to open up Lilly” Ms. Williams stated in her eager voice. When Jerome sat next to me he smelt so good. I was nervous, but actually I was happy to sit next to the new boy. It was around the time of graduation and Jerome and I had become very close. We were attending the same high school. We grew a bound that nobody could touch. We had become best friends. A few weeks after graduation high school had begun and Jerome and I had almost every class together. Around senior year we grew even closer he would come pick me up for school and drop me off at home. All the girls wanted Jerome because he had a nice body, he was nice, and he gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. The most popular...
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