Love Is All We Need

Topics: Lawn mower, Force, Mower Pages: 3 (625 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Lab 1

Young Ung Son
Physics 11
Mrs. Izadpanah
November 10th 2012

In our daily lives, a lot of works are applied and used. We can use it wisely by using equipment such as pulley. Through the simulation of pulley, we could see that the work applied in to the pulley by inclining to heavier side of pulley. Pulley can make works easier because humans don’t need to use their own work to lift things up and move. Hanging heavier object on the lope and hang the lighter one on the other side of pulley and wire them to the circular thing. Also when you push the lawn mowers, work applies in to it.

Equation of work is
W = F x (cos ) x d
W is work, F is force that applied and d is distance that the subject moved. For example, if you are pushing a lawn mower and want to get the work of it, force that applied into lawn mower is 60N, the angle of between ground and lawn mower is 40 degree and distance that you moved is 4m. F is 60, times d, which is 4m and times the cos which is 40. The answer would be 1838.5.

We can predict that more mass that you work on makes more work to do which means when mass increases, work increases too. In this lab, the mass of shoe is twice heavier than the mass of calculator. Therefore we can guess the difference of work because in the calculating procedure, height which is 0.9m and the gravity which is 9.81 apply same to both of mass. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing of both factors in each side make same ratio but different results.

* Scale
* Calculator
* Tape measure
* Meter stick
* Shoe
* Desk

1. Measure the mass of calculator and a shoe by a scale. (mass)

2. Put the each of object on the scale and it will indicate the mass of objects. (mass)

3. Calculate the weights in to the newton which is mass times gravity (Fg=mg).

4. Measure the height of desk from the ground. (d)

5. Lift the object up to the...
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