Love, Infatuation, Lust

Topics: Love, Lust, Personal life Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: May 13, 2012
Love is a complex perplexity that has been defined by countless people; yet, no one has ever been close in grasping its true nature. One may turn to his/her dictionary to look for the meaning; however, even the dictionary cannot define this exactly. We then ask, how will we know if we’re already in love if we, ourselves, cannot even identify it? It is an intricate question; indeed, we often confuse love with various feelings like lust and infatuation. Back in our Elementary days, we had our own crushes and immediately thought that it was love; hence, the catchphrase “I am in love with you” and the ever-popular “love at first sight.” People carry the belief until they grow up. They are being blinded by this sad thing. What they don’t know is that it’s not love; in fact, it is called Infatuation. We know it’s infatuation since Infatuation is distinguished by a lack of trust, loyalty, commitment, and reciprocity; in addition, there is the presence of the obsessor and the apple of the eye, which of course may or may not be attainable. For kids, there’s infatuation; however, for young adults and adults alike, there is lust. Lust, also known as lechery, is an impure act that involves one’s desire of the “flesh” of another. Lust is prevalent in teenagers and adults alike. Whenever they see an attractive person, they feel infatuated and afterward, think of unclean thoughts involving them and the concerned person. What is sad about this is that once their desires have been met, they grow tired and eventually leave their partners. What really is love then? Is it safe to say that love is anything that doesn’t fall under infatuation and lust? Love is definitely a deeper feeling; on the contrary, infatuation and lust are simply feelings that are too shallow. Love is simply too complex to be talked out; subsequently, many people still end up being perplexed by love. This makes love a very special feeling; uniquely, it gives one an experience that no other feeling could give...
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