Love in L.a

Topics: Gender, Short story, Fiction Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: October 10, 2011
Love in L.A. Abstract

Traditional love stories have honest, generous, and sometimes wealthy men who show up on white horses to sweep women off their feet. These stories demonstrate how two strangers can meet unexpectedly, fall in love and live happily ever after. Most romantic associations these days don’t follow this pattern and the only time you can see it nowadays is in movies. This story goes against the tradition from the beginning when Gilb defines Jake as a self-absorbed, unemployed playboy. The lies that ensue just go on to exhibit the differences between usual love stories and this love story. Throughout the entire story the audience is able to understand and identify gender roles associations and stereotype characterization through the dialog between characters, the thoughts of characters and how Gilb wants us to insert our own conceptions of the male and female stereotypes.

Essay I

Dagoberto Gilb does an excellent job at demonstrating gender classifications and the use of stereotypical characters in the short story, “Love in L.A.” Whether it is the thoughts of the characters that Gilb includes for us to read or the dialog that takes place between them, we are able to see that the characters are not exaggerated in any way from the people we meet and greet everyday. The portrayal of the characters is outstanding because from the moment we are introduced to them to the time they separate, we can see where each character is coming from and understand their motives for their actions.

The gender roles are first present when Jake, one of the main characters, is giving a vivid sketch a car he’d rather be driving. From the description of the car we can see that he is interested in features that would attract and impress women and these same features are not particularly suited for him, “the fact was that he’d probably have to change his whole style” (219). Jake goes on to think about other features that would entice women, aside from his car,...
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