Love in the Cornhusks

Topics: Love, Marriage, Short story Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: April 23, 2013

By: Aida Rivera Ford

Setting: The story happens in a Barrio.

Climax: Tinang discovers after reading the love letter from her first love, Amado, that she is still loved by him. However, by then, she is already married to a Bagobo and has a son with him.


Aida Rivera Ford, according to my research, has lived with her husband in their large farm in Davao, the place where I live as well. In connection to this, the short story of Love in the Cornhusks is somehow related with her life like its barrio-setting and the characteristics of the Characters as well. Perhaps, the main character is a woman based on the fact that the writer of this short story is a woman too. The story is very simple, easy to understand and yet realistic. It begins in a situation where the main character, Tinang, starts her day as she visits her Señora with a good vibe that shifted to a different one lately. The author made the life of Tinang centered between two men. The Bagobo, her husband, and Amado do not speak in the story but they are characterized differently with each other. It appears that her husband, the Bagobo, is a simple man, whom is satisfied of being a farmer with the 2 hectares of land for his family. On one hand, Amado, the one she loved before her husband, is portrayed as a tractor driver, whom wears formal clothes every Saturday and a yet man who gives importance to his future as he wants to study mechanical engineering someday. I see in the story that in life, choices are given to us and yet what we have to do is to discern and stand in the decision we may select. Hence, marrying is not a joke and to marry the Bagobo is not just a coincidence in Tinang’s life but it is her decision when she did so, even if she did not know yet the reason why Amado had suddenly gone. The last part of the story has some symbolic figures. Tinang still loves Amado even after she got married to her husband. Reading the letter is a moment when...
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