Love in Modern Word

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Still A Very Little Life Is Left In Me
A New Heartbeat Has Been Raised Thats Why I'm Still Alive,
I Don't Know But There's Something Special Still To Experience That's Why Allah Gave Me Another Chance To Live And See,

My Goal My Ambition My Aim Is Infront Of Me,
But Seems I'm Gonna Die But My Heart Is Still Beating Even Heartbeat Is Very Fast Now But My Body Is Frozen Still And Stationary Even Willingly I'm Unable To Move. Its Really A Kinda Strange And New Feeling Which I Never Felt Ever In My Life. Maybe I Was Never Ready To Lose You, But There're Only Two Possible Choices, I'll Have To Survive

I'll Have To Die
I Should Kiss The Joys
I Should Let My Tears Roll Down My Cheeks
It Seems Easy To Die Rather Than Stay Alive And Strive Hard Against This Feeling. I Know I Ever Promised Not To Leave You Or To Hold You Tight Firm And Close To Me But, What Should I Do? Live Or Die?

I've Very Less Time To Decide,

Oh. . . . . . . . It Seems Suddenly A Burning Body In The Scorching Sunshine Got A Deep Cool Shadow Of A Grand Tree, Or Like An Angry Kid Starts Smiling As Someone Tickles His Belly, And His Face Starts Radiating Happiness Like A Flower Blossoms And Make It Different From Others,

Really A Very Same Feeling Like All This My Heart Can Feel Now, Like My Old Wounds Are Getting Rid Of Pain As Someone Put Some Poultice On My Hundreds Of Years Olden Wounds Which Always Made Me Cry Badly Out Of Pain. This Moment Introduced Me A Sorta New Feeling Which I Never Felt Or Come Across In My Whole Life, I Felt This Moment Is Gonna Change My Whole Life,

Or Maybe Now Time Will Let Me A Chance To Meet My Goals And Aims Once Again After A Grand Failure, Or Maybe I'll Die Or Get A Very Strong Hope To Live For Thousands Of Years With A Bold Brave And Safe Heart Which Would Be Pain Free. Now I've Been Given Choice To Count My Happiness Or My Tears. Indeed Both Gonna Let Me Recall My Past To Which I'm Hardly Trying To Forget.

Or My Life Is Behaving...
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