Love in Islamic Perspective Through the Verses of Love

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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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‘Verses of Love’ is a beautiful melodramatic love story. However, it is not just a tale of love alone; it portrays the fluctuation of life matters, needing to be dealt in Islamic manner. Fahri bin Abdillah is an Indonesian student in Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt who is preparing for his master’s thesis at the end of his graduate degree in Islam. He is a virtuous Muslim with a pure heart, who is in attempt to achieve his pre-determined target, lives in moderation. Life turns to change when he suddenly finds himself surrounded by four different lovely ladies; Maria, Nurul, Noura and Aisha. And this love fairy tale starts and ends in its Islamic melody. As the conventional love terms contradict the true value of love from the nature of Islam, therefor a study has been conducted to grasp how ‘Verses of Love’ is paralleled to the beauty of love in accordance to Islamic perspective. II.Love to nurture religion

Love in Islam is not confined only to individual. In the context of love in line to the axis of Islam, love and Islam nurture each nature harmoniously, as neither love nor Islam will harm the beauty and purity of each element. Therefore, one should possess thorough conviction on faith, through the behavior of obedience and the act of avoiding from committing prohibited things in order to preserve the betterment of Islam in conjunction with love, as illustrated in ‘Verses of Love’; Fahri felt guilty for been left together with a woman (Maria) in a room (hospital’s cell) as it is forbidden in Islamic Law (Drs. Bambang Udoyono, 2009). As drawn from the conduct, the value of to love and to hate on behalf of no others but Allah S.W.T., ought to be instilled in each of Muslims soul as fact that it is the greatest form of love in which Muslim men and women will find out the sweetness of faith in return. Alongside, love also should be prioritized by its ordinal; the primary essential love and the love which is the most unique and highest of all...
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