Love & Hip Hop Analysis

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  • Published: October 14, 2013
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Salina Bailey-Darling
WST 250

I’ve decided to do my in-dept analysis based on clips from the reality television show entitled, Love & Hip Hop New York. I thought this would be the perfect show to analyze because it is not fiction; it includes real life people and events. Throughout my analysis I will show how white privilege, internal and external racism, and sexism are all factors that people are faced with on a daily basis without even realizing it. The people that I will be analyzing are Jen the Pen, Raqi Thunder, and Ebro. Raqi comes up with this idea to start a radio talk show on Hot 97 with Jen the Pen. So Raqi sets up a meeting for her and Jen with the program director Ebro from Hot 97. During the meeting Raqi and Jen propose the idea of a talk with two women, which had never been done before. Ebro explains to them that he is not looking for anyone at the moment, but he agreed to come to the meeting because of his love for Raqi. Ebro lets Raqi and Jen know that in order for them to get interviews and credibility they cannot flirt with the guys who come to the radio station. He also informs them that if he does not like the way the show is being conducted, then it will not happen. Raqi and Jen had an audition at Hot 97 which would determine whether their show would become permanent or not. During the audition they interviewed a rapper by the name of Vado. While Raqi was flirting, Jen was trying to stay on track by asking question that would not move in the direction of flirting because that was exactly what Ebro told them not to do. A few days later Raqi and Jen met up to discuss how their audition went and things got out of hand. Jen felt like it was “Raqi’s world” and she was just there. Raqi explains to her that she was just doing her a favor by letting her be apart of what she had been working towards for months. From there, they got into a heated argument where hurtful words were exchange and their partnership ended. “Privilege exists when one group has something of value that is denied to others simply because of the groups they belong to, rather than because of anything they’ve done or failed to do. Access to privilege doesn’t determine one’s outcomes, but it is definitely an asset that makes it more likely that whatever talent, ability, and aspirations a person with privilege has will result in something positive for them” (“What is White Privelege”, n.d.). White privilege is shown multiple times throughout the clips. When Raqi first comes up with the idea to make Jen her co-host, her reasoning was because she was white. Raqi says, “I need the luxury of having a white girl say whatever the hell she wants to say.” (Scott-Young, 2013). This is the perfect example of white privilege. Raqi wants Jen on the show to say things that she would not be able to say. White people are given a pass to say basically whatever they want without being punished or frowned upon for saying it. When a black person says some of the same things they get called names or have to deal with other consequences. Raqi was aware of the white privilege and used it to her advantage. I noticed that Jen is aware of her white privileges and uses it to her full advantage. During the interview with Ebro, Jen says, “I’ll have my white girl tip of the week” (Scott-Young, 2013). This is another example of white privilege. Jen pitches to Ebro her “white tip of the day” idea, basically saying “I'm white so people will want to listen to what I have to say”, to get her a spot on Hot 97. Later in the clip while arguing with Raqi, Jen says, “I know I will get on because I'm white” (Scott-Young, 2013). Peggy Macintosh states, “I have come to see white privilege as an invisible package of unearned assets that I can count on cashing in each day” (Macintosh, n.d.). I can relate this quote to Jen because she constantly throws her whiteness in everyone’s face but never mentions her credentials and what she’s done to deserve the things...
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