Love Has No Age

Topics: Love, Romance, Novel Pages: 3 (1304 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Love has no age
When talking about choosing a girlfriend or a boyfriend or a partner for company in the life, people will always consider the age of the person they are falling in love with. Age is a hot topic in marriage. This essay is talking about a concept that once two people who are both in genuine love and audacious, age does nothing to their romance. It is based on a short novel, Audacious, Brock Adams. This novel connects with concept of love has no age as expressed in the Gerald and Audi’s story by narrating their meeting by chance, then talking each other, knowing each other and falling in love with each other. Adams’s short novel represents these themes through th额使e use of figures detailed descriptions. It begins by showing people that they are falling in genuine love and then telling readers how audacious they are to love. In the novel Audacious, from the beginning of the novel, it shows that Gerald genuinely loves Audi. Because Gerald knows her nearly every specific pattern though she moved lie a ghost(P1). For example, every morning Gerald waited for his train on the same cold concrete bench watching Audi through thick glasses. She was young, frail and thin, waiflike, with short saggy black hair. She wore tow jackets, Windbreaker over denim—lots of pockets.(P1) What’s more to prove his love to Audi is that she means a lot to Gerald. She made him look forward to the morning. She made him feel sparks. To some extent, Audi take the place of Dolores in his heart as a lover, although she is younger. On page 1, author writes that watching her was the only time that Gerald had felt alive since he found Dolores, his wife of fifty-three years, face-down in her Cheerios on a Sunday morning, dead from a stroke. Moreover, Gerald carefully observes her out of appreciating her inside. He 十genuinely loving Audi’s inward appearance. in “Audacious” on page 1, “Gerald thinks she was good, crafty and swift and clever, Gerald knows what she has done...
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