Love Experience

Topics: Debut albums, Emotion, Love Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: June 4, 2011

In Everyone’s life there are different experiences; one of those is the first love. Love is a passionate feeling for another person that can be felt in a variety of shapes and size. It was more romantic and emotionally uplifting than any other experience I had ever been through. The object of my affection reciprocated that love instantly. It was dazzling yet aching.

It started one bright day in November. Oak tree leaves fell like raindrops as I flow down the long curvy road that lead to the same boring high school. It was a Tuesday when I saw Janice Marie Calloway. She was wearing a pink sweater with a splash of purple. The jeans that she wore held onto every curve she had. Her caramel brown eyes made my heart skip a beat. I had never seen anything so breathtaking. Her skin was a smooth cocoa color. She wore a sweet fruit fragrance that lingered from room to room. Her hair was jet black with really nice tight curls. Janice had a smile that would make any man fall to his knees. She had a vicious and sharp walk. It would hurt you badly if you got too close. That first moment when we saw each is engraved in my head. I can still hear my heart throbbing loudly in my chest as her eyes landed on me in that small room. We stared at each other as she made her way over to me and a smile flicked on her lips to seal that moment. It took a year for me to talk to her. We became best friends and nothing more. It was hard to except the fact that I was I love with someone who is just my friend. Her life was mine and her thoughts were mine. Her world was mine and she didn’t even know. It kind of felt like I was in a relationship by myself, and I was the only one who really felt anything. Everyone said that we had something between us. She always laughed because she never noticed how I reacted when she noticed someone else. It would be times when I sat back and realized that she had made me become a jealous man. She destroyed me when she told everyone she was...
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