Love Conflicts in Ballad of the Sad Cafe, the Fox, and Pale Horse Pale Rider

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  • Published : January 17, 2006
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The concept of love is always interpreted in many different ways such as love, hate, passion, and lust. Between the three novelas The Fox, Ballad of the Sad Cafe and Pale Horse Pale Rider there is always a conflict with love, from homosexuality to jealousy there's always one individual that has an issue with who's loving who.

In The Fox, the image of love is portrayed many different times. In the beginning of the novela two of the main characters, March and Jill, are in love with each other. However, the author tries to confuse you and leads you to use your own imagination of whether their relationship is homosexual, or just a close bond. Later on in the story the third and last main character, Henry, falls in love with March and insists that she marry him. When Jill finds out, that's when the conflict begins. She wants March to herself as it had been their whole life, and Henry wants March to leave and start a new life with him. When Henry first came to the house, Jill was the one that came off as very inviting and joyful of his presence but when she realizes his intention to steal March away from her, her feelings towards him grow worse. As she's fighting for March's love to remain with her she gets killed, and again the author influences you to use your imaginativeness to decide whether it was an accident or if Henry murdered her. The conflict here was both jealousy and a push towards homosexuality, but after Jills death, the problem depletes and Henry gets his way.


As well as The Fox, The Ballad of the Sad Cafe shows numerous conflicts with love. Miss Amelia, an unattractive woman first starts off with her husband Marvin whom later goes to jail. After a while Miss Amelia tends to her very successful liquor store and she tries to forget about her ex-husband. Randomly one day her long lost cousin, Lymon, arrives at her home. Soon she falls in love with him, not caring that he is her relative. They remain close and slightly...
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