Love by Jesse Stuart.

Topics: Love, Emotion, Human Pages: 3 (1118 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Jesse Stuart was born in 1907 and once he managed to get the opportunity to attend high school and then college, he realized that he has a talent as a writer. He is the author of numerous short stories and some novels, including biography of his father, who was the person that fostered his love for nature and appreciation of individuality. Due to my age I tend to think about love a lot. Though my musings are not concentrated on the sweet side of this beautiful feeling. I see love as suffering in the first place. But good kind of suffering. I believe that love can ennoble such undesirable qualities as weakness and dependence. When you love somebody or something it makes you weak and vulnerable. You tend to forgive a lot and be helpless in front of the object of your passion, whether it is a person, job you are doing or just a pair of designer shoes. But at the same time, somehow it makes you ever so strong that you can confront the whole world as long as you are thinking about someone you love. It is a trade in some way. You suffer and give all your heart out for somebody or something you love and instead you get a supernatural power to fight against any kind of evil existing. They say that if a person has nothing to lose it makes him invincible. And I believe that if you lost the ability to love you are already dead. Going through the loss of the loved ones or loved things makes you stronger, but only if you still keep that ability to feel anyway. It will sound corny but the title of the story evokes Emotions. And this is the message of the story. Emotions on love, life, death and how one should cope with them or should he try to cope in the first place. The themes of the story are life and death and what is love if not that? The story is told in the first person and in my opinion it is not coincidence. When you read those snippets when the main character thinks about the killed snake and implies it on the nature of human and life on the whole, you can get a...
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