Love at First Sight (1st Chapter)

Topics: Love, Mother, Wonder Girls Pages: 7 (3237 words) Published: December 22, 2012
Chapter 1: Introducing Me
Ji Eun’s POV
Damn, it just had to happen all over again, this time not without getting all the attention from whoever that was there outside the main gate, which is a lot. Now I’m stuck between two men in full black suits in this white limousine driving down the road to who knows where. With the help of Hyuna, Nicole and Lizzy, I tried to escape using the short-cut alley on the other side of the streets before they could grab hold of me while they distracted the men by asking them to judge their ridiculous and pointless arguments about nothing. But luck wasn’t on my side, and their incredulously strong arms weren’t helping either. In the end, I had to follow them into the car obediently and waved girls goodbye before I got them into trouble, but not without noticing those expressions on their face that were about to break out into fits of laughter once I’m out of sight. Oh hold on a second, everyone. Please don’t get confused. I’m not getting kidnapped or abducted by the two buff men in black, bringing me into an abandoned shelter to demand a handsome sum of ransoms from my parents while my friends just stood there laughing at my misfortune. Well, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Lee Ji Eun, daughter of South Korea’s well-loved President, Lee Soo Man. I just turned last week and I’m currently studying in Kirin High as a year two vocal major student. I’m considered the perfect height for girls of my age, but I may not be the best looking out of all my friends. I’m not fat though, just normal sized without much curves, and a pair of cute eyes that restricted my vision whenever I smile. I love food and especially seafood, but I can’t have too much of them either or I’ll have to stay in bed with a swollen face the day after. I’m great at singing, or at least that’s what my friends all tell me, but just another amateur in the dancing profession. I don’t have two-left foot but I do know a thing or two for dancing, thanks to my girlfriends and Ricky that taught me during our break times. Although I’m the only child of my household, lucky for me, I have four awesome friends who are like family to me. They were always there for me when I needed someone, and they all loved me for who I am, not what I am, and that’s exactly what I love best about them. We have been friends since our middle school days and it’s still amazing how we actually became friends from those unforeseen situations. Well, it’s going to take the whole night long to tell the whole story, not that I mind, but I shall save it for some other day and cut short on the details. I knew Ricky ever since we were born because our fathers are best friends and we’re both born on the same month, just with a difference of one week. He was like a brother from another parent, and he had been very protective of me since young, but I never got tired of his almost 24/7 presence next to me. We did everything together, even showering, when we were still kids and eventually went to the same schools from Gangnam Elementary to Haewon Middle School and Kirin High, the one that we’re enrolled to right now. I had a lot of interesting memories tracing back to Haewon Middle, the place where I met my three girls: Hyuna, Nicole and Lizzy. Those aren’t really their real names (except for Hyuna) but they prefer me calling them that since they want to hide their not-so-nice real names, but that didn’t stop me from blurting them out whenever I get mad at them for teasing me overtly. Ok, back to the flashback. Ricky and I both knew Nicole after the playground incident that eventful night. On the other hand, Hyuna became our friend after we saved her from getting kicked and bullied during middle school. She was still shy and timid then, but I guess hanging out with us opened up her heart and she turned into one of the most daring one out of all of us. Well as for Lizzy, we went through some up and downs before we finally got together as best friends, it's a long story,...
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