Love at First Sight

Topics: Love, English-language films, Nonverbal communication Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Michael Naeem
Karen Comstock
?Love at First Sight??
One of the great questions surrounding social psychologists and everyday people by extension is whether or two individuals can fall in love at first sight. This would imply that the non-verbal communication between the two in that moment was as strong and passionate enough to constitute love before having gotten to even speak to the other. To fall in love is to have strong feelings of passion and attachment to another individual. Measuring what constitutes full love is unclear and debatable within circles, but generally agreed to be a very strong feeling that is created. Love at first sight can be described as a signal of the strongly grounded love that may be to come, but ultimately exists as a very strong first impression that cannot be predetermined to sustain itself as genuine love. There are many cues and ways in which two lovers may first lay eyes on each other that can generate such strong feelings similar to love. When the eyes meet and cannot be taken off of two individuals, this is certainly a sign that the two are at good odds of working out together. When there is a mutual astonishment of the other individual as shown in these signs and other signs, it can also create the impression that a man and a woman will go hand in hand when the very first impression is so strong and mutual. However, this is only a jump start. When two people are mutually taken aback by each other at first sight, this is a very positive sign as far as the relationship goes. First impressions are huge, but this does not mean there is any predetermined ways of knowing this sensation of love will sustain itself in way that can universally be accepted as true love. Two people may quickly find that they are not as compatible as they would have liked to have believed or were drawn into believing. Through further interaction, they learn far more about each other and any kind of sustainable love...
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