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Love at First Sight

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The Summative “Argument and Persuasion” Term Paper
ENG 2210 (260 pts.)
(100 pts. = 4 Outlines @ 25 pts. each.
Final submission = 160 pts. Total = 260 pts.)
On the last day of this course (day 35), you will submit the “summative” research paper in which you will argue which love (motivation) has shaped history and still shapes our world today. This is a very challenging paper, and it counts for 26% of your grade in this course. Because it is such a significant intellectual effort, you will be asked to turn in four outlines of the “sub-parts” of the final paper. Each “sub-part outline” is worth 25 points, and they are submitted in four out of the five weeks in this course. Writing these four “sub-part outlines” will help you begin thinking about which love (motivation) truly does shape the world, and they will cause you to pace your research and writing so that that the “Summative Term Paper” does not sneak up on you and compromise the grade you have worked so hard to achieve. Topic: “An Analysis of Human Motivation”

Which one of the three earthly loves (Eros, Storge, or Phileo) has shaped and continues to shape human behavior? Title Page:
Create a title page according to the APA style. (See APA Style handout) The Abstract:
An “Abstract” is a brief (usually one page) “mini-paper.” An “Abstract” contains:
The word “Abstract” centered 2 inches from the top margin. The “thesis statement,” which is the answer to the question:

“Which one of the three earthly loves (Eros, Storge, or Phileo) has shaped and continues to shape human behavior?” Briefly introduce the scholarly basis of your argument, which this paper intends to prove. Briefly introduce the titles of the course literature you intend to cite. Briefly state which two earthly loves are not dominant human motivators. Briefly state some of the attributes of Agape love that can rescue the “dark

side” of your chosen love by preserving it and directing its...
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