Love and New York

Topics: Love, High school, Romance Pages: 2 (841 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Romance, it is what seits to exist in our world, well at least in this time period. Wouldn't you like to go back in time, where romance was natural and passion automatically came with love. Love, when it was unconditional and true. Where when someone gave you there word, it was a promise, and not just a word that lingered after they left. Or beauty, when you could walk down the street and run into it. Now a days it takes adventure and discovery. With adventure in your life it sounds like fun, but thats what you think. Beauty in this century is represented by hooker heels and black trashy makeup, or swag ripped jeans and chains. Or with romance, the most romantic thing now is when someone unloads the dish washer. And adventure counts as getting high and remembering nothing from previous nights. I belive in true love, and deep romance and that adventure can happen in wonderful places. This is my story, where all my beliefs are put to the test and the world challenges me. Like all stories it has a beginning, and this is mine.

When your young and naive the possiblities to screw up are endless, mine started as soon as I left home. I was testing my own judgment and left everything i knew for a scholarship in New York. I wanted to live outside of the boundires i grew up in, what better place then New York. The only thing from questioning my future were my three best friends. They were the only people i could call my family. My original family was what you call, disasterous. My parents had divorced when i was very young, and being an only child i suffered through lonliness. My parents were big work-aholics, my mother being a psycolagist and my father being a college sports trainer, i wasn't always there number one priority.

From the lack of attention my parents never gave me, I strived on trying to make them proud. I was in enough extracirrucular events tha my social life was nonexistant. I challenged myself for a 4.0 and practiced hard enough in...
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