Love and Loneliness

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  • Published : May 18, 2011
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As a human, there are a lot of characteristics a human should have, but, what does it mean to be human? The most part of being human is loneliness. Humans must understand that loneliness is a part of everyone’s life, humans must learn how to cope with loneliness, and, finally, the only way to get rid of loneliness is to have love in your life. There is a book, which name is Gilgamesh, and it is written by Herbert Mason. In this book, the author teaches people how to be human from an old story, about a man who loved and lost a friend to death. This man is named Gilgamesh, his friend is named Enkidu.

First of all, a human should understand that loneliness is a part of everyone’s life, and only someone goes through the loneliness, he/she can be called a human. So, Gilgamesh is a person who went through the loneliness in his life, and then he becomes a real human. In this book, Gilgamesh said “ I am alone and I have longed/ For some companionship. My people/ Also have grown tired of my solitude.” (20). According to these sentences, Gilgamesh was a king of Uruk, he had a lot of power, but he was lonely, he didn’t have any friends. Also, people thought Gilgamesh was the God, he was not a human. But he was becoming a human, because he was going through loneliness at that time. Loneliness is a part of everyone’s life, especially for a human. So, at that time, Gilgamesh was going through loneliness, he was becoming a human. Besides, Herbert Mason writes “ Gilgamesh’s fear at the thought of his own solitude:/ I can’t imagine being left alone,/ I’m less a man without my friend.” (47). So this sentences suggests, after Gilgamesh lost his friend Enkidu, he was lonely, and he was fear. He was going through the part a human should go through. He was becoming a real human, he was knowing that loneliness is a part of everyone’s life. So, he was not a God any more, he was trying to become a real human and learn to understand loneliness.

On the other hand, human should know...
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