Love and Lewis

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  • Published : April 13, 2011
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Essay 21-3-2011
How has Lewis changed in how he views love?

Louis Nowra’s Cosi either underline or ‘ ‘ titles is a comedy play that is set in a mental institution during Vietnam War in 1970s. a good start It is about patients who have/are suffering from mental illnesses, pretending they are in Mozart’s Italian opera, Cosi Fan Tutte. In fact, cannot start with ‘in fact’ if there is no contrary statement before. You need to introduce Lewis. Lewis has changed his view of love by the end of the play, believing that love is a vital aspect of human life. Clear contention Lewis thinks that love is not essential at the beginning of the play. When Lewis says ‘love is not so important nowadays’, this quote don’t write ‘this quote’ shows that Lewis doesn’t care about love. This also shows that Lewis sees love as important in the past but that has diminished in today’s society. Therefore, Lewis has a negative view of love at the beginning of the play. During the middle of the play, Lewis moves on from thinking that love is ‘not so important nowadays’ to thinking free love is quite complicated. Free love is an individual’s rights to freely choose their romantic relationships. Lewis says ‘free love is a hard concept to define’. This shows that Lewis is confused about what free love is. The confusion about free love causes trouble between him and his Lucy This demonstrates that Lewis didn’t used to care about love, but he has started to care about it now. Thus, Lewis has changed his mind about love. At the end of the play, Lewis accepts the importance of love. Lewis finally endorses the value of love in life: ‘it’s about important things – like love and fidelity’ and ‘without love the world wouldn’t mean much’. Both quotes show that Lewis thinks love has to be included in a meaningful life. Through Lewis’ experiences with the patients and how they relate to the themes of the opera, he gradually develops his...
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