Love and Hottest Boiling Point

Topics: Love Pages: 4 (1586 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Death of Alpha

It rained hard this afternoon, it’s cold and I am all alone just thinking of her. Her sweet voice, her touches of Zephyr and a warmth caress from her hugs and kisses that I used to receive from her daily. I miss her smile; the highlight of the day is when she said she loves me. I miss them…I badly misses them. Whenever I am at my downcast she was always there for me. She’ll enlighten up my mind so that I could see the dawn in my dims of thinking. She’ll hold me in her arms and she’ll try to ease the pain all away. And every Sunday, we go to our Jesus wherein we thank Him for keeping us together for giving me to her and for giving her to me. After the mass she’ll hold my hand and she’ll ask me to eat street foods outside of the church. And on the night, I remember…we sat down at the field and beneath the stars she promised that she’ll love me forever. Those words are memorable and those are just some of the sweetest moments when I had her. As the promises were made, fire started to grow on to us. All through that night, I asked her to make love to me. At first she doesn’t want to do it but I didn’t let go and suddenly she did the same. As the night grows deeper the fire rises up to its hottest boiling point. That night was all about love. I haven’t seen her in weeks and seems like I really don’t want to see her anymore. After that night I’ve lost the urge of wanting her. It sounds odd but maybe because I am too young for serious relationships. But if I tell her that I don’t want her, she might get hurt and I don’t want that to happen. While thinking of that matter, on that nimbus afternoon somebody knocked at my door. I have a hint that it was her because she’s kind of obsess when it comes to our relationship and I know that she misses me a lot. I didn’t want to open it because my heart is pounding on every knock. “Daniel, Daniel” she kept on knocking

My foot guides me to the door but my hands were shivering. My mind told...
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