Love and Hate in Jamestown

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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David Prince’s book, Love and Hate in Jamestown, provides excellent explanations on how economic conditions in the new colonies determined investment areas and tripodic relationship between colonists, local Indian tribes and the Crown. Prince reports that it took some time before colonists discovered that only through mutually beneficial economic relationships that peace and prosperity would be achieved. In this understanding, concurrent sections of the paper provide an analysis on how colonists, under the leadership of John Smith, used economics to conquer Jamestown, get support from English Crown and eventually spread their influence throughout New England.

The goal of 105 colonists who settled in Jamestown in 1605 was to seek gold and establish possible trade routes into the Pacific Coast, modern United States’ West Coast. However, they faced incredible hostility from the local Indian tribes led by Chief Powhatan, a warrior who had great influence over his people. Another challenge faced by colonists included new diseases that killed a good number of colonists. The little medical understanding was not helpful in helping overcome this challenge. However, it was hunger that really forced colonists to think of changing their mission of looking for gold and looking for routes to the west.

Life was so harsh in Jamestown to the point of authorities censuring colonists’ letters transmitting messages of hardship. In this regard, people in England did not get the true picture on the ground. Those willing to come to Jamestown therefore flocked into the area with little knowledge on what lay ahead for them. The authorities feared that such letters would lead to more investors failing to bring the much needed resources to Jamestown and also that negative news would discourage colonists from coming into Jamestown in the future.

Indeed, the colonists had to develop survival measures before embarking on their original intentions. This led to Captain John...
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