Love and Fruits

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Love and Fruits
There are many obstacles one has to overcome to truly be in love with another. Although many may disagree and claim that they fell in love at first sight, there must have been conflicts in their relationship they had to overcome. Therefore it wasn't love at first sight but enjoyment with the person you're willing to spend time with, at that given moment. In order to explain in greater depth, I'll use fruits to explain a larger view of love and relationships.

Grapes are always in a bundle. Before consumption of a grape, the consumer often searches for a grape that appears tasty and sweet. However the appearance of a fruit does not always determine its taste. Discovering a sweet grape based on appearances is difficult and requires some sort of effort. The starting of a relationship requires two people that enjoy each other’s company. However, like grapes, humans tend to determine the qualities of each other through appearances. The moment someone is infected by this inability to comprehend, that appearance isn’t everything, they are more likely to believe in the fictitious idea of love at first sight. Although one may have the experience of hundreds of relationships, they may still be infected by the idea of love at first sight, which is why they continuously seek more and more relationships. Until they “discover” their significant other. Although penetrating a watermelons shell is a difficult task, it becomes worthwhile when entering the domain of sweetness offered by the fruit. Some watermelons tend to bear numerous seeds, which may or may not ruin the fruit for the consumer. A watermelon’s seeds are equivalent to a person’s mistakes. If the person's significant other, or consumer, doesn't mind their previous mistakes they allow their lover a chance in life and establish a well created couple. However if a person can't accept their significant others previous mistakes it results in the despising of the relationship and forcing a separation...
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