Love and Devotion

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  • Published : March 26, 2012
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Love and Devotion
Love and Devotion Dan and Ann had been waiting for this time ever since they fell in love two years ago. They were going to have a baby. The pregnancy had been a perfect one. Dan took very good care of Ann and the baby for he was a devoted husband, and had made Ann eat healthy and exercise very well. Everything had been great. One day Dan was half way through a meeting when he received a phone call from Ann. She told him that her water had just broken and her contractions were already really strong. He knew that he would not be able to get home on time to take her to the hospital, so he called 911 and have an ambulance sent to his house. Since he couldn’t be there for her, he stayed on the phone with her until she told him that the ambulance had arrived and then he raced to his car. When he arrived, he saw Ann being wheeled on a stretcher. He rushed to her side. Then nurses quickly moved her up to the maternity ward and into her room so they could get her hooked up to the monitors to see how she and their baby was doing. Once the nurses got her hooked up to the monitor, they noticed that the baby’s heartbeat was very weak. Dan kept asking them what was wrong and they kept telling him that he would have to wait for the doctor to come. Ann kept screaming from the pain and kept asking for something. The doctor finally came over and explained to them that their baby’s heartbeat was too weak to be delivered naturally. He was going to have to do an emergency C section on her. Ann asked him if her baby was going to make it and he reassured her that they could have their baby out as soon as possible. As Ann was being rushed up to the operating room, she couldn’t help but start crying. Her pregnancy had been so wonderful and she was ready to start a new life with her child and now this was happening and she didn’t know why. Once they got her prepped, they allowed Dan to be by her side. The baby was having a harder time with each passing second. Once the...
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