Love and Beauty Base on Helen of Troy Movie

Topics: Helen, Menelaus, Iliad Pages: 22 (9931 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Love and beauty base on Helen of troy movie


Love cannot be say and love cannot be touch but love can be feeling from every creature in this world. Love is only word and symbol but love has meaning that people cannot understand. There is not people know, why love is exist and having by each creature that live in this world. There are not people who live in this world without love, moreover the baby who still in the uterus also have love. Love is have a lot of meaning that people must be understand because the true love cannot be say and they do not know when love with person come, for example like women love with man and man love with women, they are will be keep each other. Love is not only saying but also love is need proof that show is he or she love, so love is very noble because although it is cannot be say or cannot explain, cannot be touch, cannot be look but love has a lot of meaning and functions, function I this case they are can do complement with each other it is mean that if you has love with people so all of anything will be do because you love with her or him although you are still in process to get that person or you was marriage with that person, and love here is has many meaning like love with your daughter, your parents, uncle or anything, if your people that you very love get a problem, you will directly help them although it very dangerous ad can make you die. Love is very natural because you do not now from where it come and can make you do anything to that person and you do not know why you want to help them and in your heart and your mind has the strange to help and there are not people know about it because it come because love a symbol that very noble. The true love will not thing about appearance, title, job because if you only thing about appearance and face he or she handsome or beautiful it has the meaning that you like with her beauty or their charisma, in the next pages we will discuss the beauty of person bas on Helen of Troy movie but in this pages we still discuss the meaning of love first, than if you love with people only look at the title so it cannot say as true love because you only want to fulfill your ambition to get the people like that and if you love with people because you do not know why you love it can say as true love. I hope that after you look at the film of Helen of Troy and try to analysis this movie you may learn and get a lot of knowledge about love because there are some information about love and how they are must to keep their girlfriend or boyfriend to keep each other although they are must to die, like Paris that very love with her girlfriend and he think how the way to keep his girlfriend then also he cannot be receive when his girlfriend treat which is not fair when Hellen the women that Paris love must to walk without using cloth or naked although in that time women in the low value like in the Victoria era women only become a housewife that only life in house and keep her child but in this case Paris is not look at or give a low value to Helen but he only think what he must do to keep her girlfriend although the way that he choose very dangerous and make the freedom of Troy broken but he do because love and love can make the people do the crazy think, so the true love is very important to be know and try to get a meaning very complete about love not only from this paper because love is a got topic to be learn because I am sure that every people get love inside their heart although with your friend your boyfriend or girlfriend etc that I was explain before in the previous pages. In this paper also will discuss about beauty of person, beauty is the charismatic of women’s who is look at very beautiful and perfect when she look at by people in surrounding their life. But in this case beauty is very different with love, love will be keep each other and willing sacrifice only to keep the people that he or she love although they are must be die...
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