Love and Beautiful Blue Eyes

Topics: Love, 2008 singles, Brian Wilson Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: January 6, 2014
I can't wait to send a letter ... I was quiet on the phone cause of u . My thoughts were about u ! When we sit and reminisce on the past it gives me this feeling n my heart that's indescribable. Breanne I still love you .. I'm still in love with you .. I still wanna marry you and have a family with you ! Lately we been on the phone like no other ! Just like old days :) it really puts a smile on my face ! U have no idea . It's crazy that u still have my heart . I would do anything and everything to be with u . I just want what we used to have but BETTER . We joined together so we can experience this journey together . Have that military life and family we talked about . I really wanna be mrs.furgason - fuck being slaughter ! Lol . But no for real .. As bad as it may sound , I'm glad u n jay are no longer together ! N all honesty . She's not suppose to be the one you marry . I am ! Everyday I look n touch our matching tattoo , cause it calms me down and puts a smile on my face ! I know I hurt u breanne , && u have no idea how bad it kills me till this day . U did nothin to deserve what I put you thru . On my nephew I know I could never and will never put u thru that again . There's times when I pray to god that I can have u back in my life . We've had a hell of a past , but we always stayed by one another's side - true ride or dies - I know you love jay .. But I don't ever think u could ever and I mean ever love her like you loved me . I've grown so much as a person breanna && I thank u for it ! U pushed me to join and of all people u were there cheering me on and I really appreciate it . If it wasn't for u I have no idea where I would be n life . Honestly prolly gettin high n literally workin pay check to pay check living off somebody . I really hope none of this goes in one ear and out the other - breanne ,, we are meant to be together . Only we have a close and open relationship/friendship then anyone I know !! I don't wanna ever let that go Bree . I can't wait...
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