Love: an Exploratory Paper

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  • Published: November 14, 2011
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Love: An Exploratory Paper
Leanna M. Benny
July 25th, 2011


The Purpose

Love is said to be the greatest human experience in which mankind are privilege to partake in. To love can be a wondrous experience filling life with bliss and other strong emotions. Some people believe to love is to be alive and be able to see the good in the world and others. The purpose of this paper is to examine and find a better understanding of what is love, to explore what people believe love to be, and what lies surround the perception of love and to explore and expose what the meaning true love is or at the very least the authors understanding of the perception of love. In addition to exploring the concept, deception and the truth of love, one man’s perspective of what love is will be examined and aid in a better understand of what true love is.

The Concepts

Love does not have to exist with marriage but can coexist with marriage as long as the love is not deprived by the marriage. During the research process, the word unconditionally has a recurring theme through all the writing on what is love. Some believe that any love that is with conditions is not actually love. To love someone is to love that person for the person they are today and tomorrow despite flaws and mistakes that may occur, according to The Meaning of Love’s article on What is the true meaning of Love?. Love is not about the possession of another person, nor is it rooted in jealousy. To love unconditionally is to love a person with the absence of jealous and to love freely and allow each other to share love freely. An example of this concept is a person who loves unconditionally allows his or her lover to love unconditionally, even if this meant loving another outside the couple hood. Unconditionally love cannot be contained in a box of a conventional marriage. Unconditional love is infinite and is not rooted in physical attributes as relations or the desire to procreate but exist on a...
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