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  • Published : September 21, 2014
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Chapter 4
Requirements of Analysis &Documentations

4.1 Overview of Requirements Analysis and Documentation

The proposed system is about Computer Aided Instruction in Chem 214 (Basic Inorganic Chemistry). This system includes concepts of chemisty and its basic structure. It includes what the system can do, the user of this system its general description and the capability of the system.


4.2.1 Product Perspective
We develop this product (Computer Aided Instruction) to have a clear understanding on the subject Chemistry. This product or study can illustrate a concept through attractive animations, sounds, and demonstrations. In Chemistry, CAI helps students learn key vocabulary words; others demonstrate concepts.

We, the researchers, who are the one who develop this product. Mrs. Lyn Dalisaymo, the one who give us the knowledge to develop this product. Mr. Jhomar I. Lopez, our System Adviser, the one who are checking our program or system. Mrs. Araceli M. Reclusado, our Literary Adviser, the one who are checking our documents. And Mr. Butch Stephen Duay, the one who gives us the information regarding on the subject chemistry.

The Instructor and the student will be the one who will benefit on this product. To the instructor, they can provide a better learning to the students by the use of CAI. They can provide the actual demonstration or the actual structure of some topic about chemistry. To the students, they can motivate their selves to study. CAI can help them to easily understand their lessons by providing a better explanation for such structure or topic. 4.2.2What does your product do?

There are many advantages to using computers in educational instruction. They provide one-to-one interaction with a student, as well as an instantaneous response to the answers elicited, and allow students to proceed at their own pace. Computers are particularly useful in subjects that require drill, freeing teacher time from...
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