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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Part 1 Vocabulary
1. jinquetazo- hit, knock, and a blow to the head. (Marcelo drunk saying what he would do to andujar) 2. arrevoli- red color in the sky in the mornings or afternoons. 3. asujetamos- Hold down. (When Deblas is talking to Gaspar about holding Andujar while Silvina kills him) 4. petate y siniquetate- Bed made out of palm tree. (Ciro doesn’t want to sleep in the same in the same bed that Gaspar was sleeping in) 5. soberao- The dirt floor in a house.

6. achueco- Hit ( Gaspar said he would do this if she didn’t obey him) 7. mocho- Broken knife or machete
8. embrujaco- Bewitched
9. tufulca- Brawl

Part 2Title
1. The pond means everything stays the same, ponds don’t have rivers connected to them , it’s just a big hole full of standing water. Stuff comes in but doesn’t go anywhere. Which portrays to the book because even if a couple of characters were able to leave they always find there way back to that one hole.

Part 3
1. I would have to say the setting of this story would be somewhere in the mountains were coffee and sugar can grow in the Island of Puerto Rico. 2. The book takes place some time at the end of the 1800’s when they were not very strict in law or fair rights and when Puerto Rico was still part of Spain.

Part 4 Summary
Silvina was a beautiful girl and the daughter of Leandra. Her brother is Pequenin and her husband was Gaspar. Juan del salto was the wealthy owner of a coffee plantation. And the father of Jacob, who was Juan’s only son. Montesa worked as a foreman on Juan’s farm. Ines marcante also worked on Juan’s farm as peon. Padre Estaban was a catholic priest who was also Juan’s friend. Marta was an old sharp-Featured woman, who looked emaciated to starting degree. Ciro was a young campesino who worked on a farm and lived with his brother Marcelo in a shack on a hill-top. Silvina and Gaspar did not live happy together. There was a riverside where many campesinos sat and enjoyed...
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