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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Love is like a candle, grasp the flame and it burns and goes out. So you have to sit back and you’ll appreciate the light and warmth. When you’re in love, if you try to take control of it, it doesn’t work out and eventually it diminishes. But on the other hand, if you let the love be and relax you will enjoy it and you will be happy. According to Webster’s dictionary love is a tender, passionate affection and it’s a strong personal liking, but it’s not a strong hate towards someone and wanting nothing to do with them. Therefore when your madly in love, one dedicates themselves to fulfilling the happiness of their significant other.

Initially, when you love someone so much you would consider doing almost anything for them just to see a smile on their face. When the person you have those feelings needs something even if it’s something impossible, you’d go that extra mile just so you know that in the end they are happy. In the book, Their Eyes Were Watching God, someone speaks to Janie saying “He’s kissin’ yo’ foot and ‘taint in uh mah tuh kiss foot long. Mouf kissin’ is on uh equal and dats natural but when dey got to bow down tuh love, dey soon straighten up. “Logan is willing to do things for Janie in order for her to be satisfied”. Sometimes in a relationship, you have to go out of your comfort zone so that person is happy with you and your relationship.

You have to sacrifice a lot in a relationship if you truly love someone. If you want to be healthy in a relationship sometimes you have to comprise and loose things so you could gain other things for your lover. In the novel, Tea cake would beat Janie,” Janie is wherever ah wants tuh be, Dats de kind uh wife she is and ah love her for it”. Tea cake hits her so people know who the boss is. But regardless of Janie getting whipped she still loves him unconditionally and stays with him. If you truly love someone, you sometimes have to deal with their whole package even if its negative. You stick by their side...
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