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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Markesha Burnett

1. I can think of situations where I have been persuaded to go to certain parties by my friends. I am not one to always be involved in the nightlife here at Millersville but my friends are. In some cases they will take no as an answer if I am studying, tired or have prior plans. In other situations if I just say no without having a specific reason they will convince me to go. They are usually able to convince me in those situations because I have no excuse. The persuaders, who are my friends focuses on my actions and I know this because going to a party involved several different actions. I have to get out of my bed, then shower, then get dressed and finally go to the party. As a result of having to do those things, the persuader was focused primarily on my actions.

2. I am giving a persuasive speech on Nike being the best sporting company. The specific purpose statement to convince is After listening to my speech, students will understand that Nike is the best sporting company because it has potentially seven teams in the Men basketball NCAA Elite Eight which receives a lot amount of views. An actuate specific purpose statement is At the end of my speech students will want to buy Nike apparel because Louisville University Men’s Basketball team won the National Championship and they were wearing jersey’s made by Nike.

6. In the situation where the speaker is trying to convince the audience to start a retirement plan in there twenties, the direct method pattern would be the most appropriate. I say direct method pattern because it is use when a speaker is trying to convince the audience to adopt a particular idea and that’s exactly what the speaker is trying to do in this case. Unlike other organizational patterns like causal pattern, there isn’t a problem. Not starting a retirement plan in your twenties isn’t an issue so that organizational pattern wouldn’t be useful. Another organizational pattern that wouldn’t be useful in...
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