Topics: Love, Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs number-one singles, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 11 (3185 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Love, we all know is very special .Loving has many kinds like love on family, friends, or a relationship between two opposite sex .We all experience love but all of us don’t really know where it really started .As for me it started with God the father because without God we cannot feel love .God really loved us that he even sacrificed His own son, Jesus to cleanse our sins .That is how God the father showed His love on us and that’s why love started with Him. Love has been described in many different ways in our society. Indeed love is able to encompass a large area of positive traits. Love can be the sacrifice of one’s dreams and goal for those of another. Love can be the one who stands in for another who deserves of that punishment. Love is love, and it asks no questions but to love. Love is the strength to stand when you might want to run. It is hard to explain, but the desire to do the right thing will make love strong. Love will stand when others run even though the odds may not be in your favor; you will stay in the struggle because of love. Love is the strength to speak when you might want to be silent, but a burning fire of love will not let you stay silent. Love is the strength to pray when others are silent or afraid. Love will give you the strength to do what must be done, as the scriptures state, in part, love never fail. Love can endure much hardship. Love will help you to endure those mountains of self doubt; even when you sometimes feel very discouraged. Love will give you the ability to endure a cheating spouse; it will also help to leave if need be. Love will help you to endure the financial burdens that we sometimes find ourselves under. Love will help you to endure disobedient children who continue ignore you instruction and advice. Love will even help you to endure the gossip and slander of so called friends and family. Love is the ability to tell the truth. It sounds like an easy task to do, but it is certainly not. Love will tell the truth even though; it may not be understood by others. Telling the truth is a true sign that someone loves you, because they love you enough to be honest. When your love is very strong, you will tell the truth with a straight forwardness and directness. Love is love. I think there may be a few other ways to say it, but I think this is a good starting point. If we can show the characteristics of love, then we have a quality of love and a real compassion for our fellow man. Love is a key attribute in our lives. Everybody loves somebody, because man is and always has been a communal soul. You should love for the sake of love; it feels good and right. We are also aware that nowadays love has an advantage and a disadvantage. Love is important to everybody because without love their will be no peace, and understanding in a family. Without love members of the family might fight each other. They can’t understand each other because there is no love. Remember that understanding is also part of loving without understanding each other then you are not in love with that person. Love is very important to all living things in this world. Love makes people to be united in any aspect. Love also helps in any situation we encounter. Love make us happy without it we will always look like robots without feeling any emotion, any emotion even sadness it’s like we will just fallow other people command on us. With love people are free to do what they want. They can also express their feeling freely, but with some limitation also. I can also say that love is the most important thing on this world except for shelter, clothes, money, and food. Love also have disadvantages other people or shall I say that all people experience or will experience it. Like other things, like money, love has also disadvantages. Love has many disadvantages, like people can be sad because of love on a certain things. Love is so painful for those people who experience heartbroken, having a...
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