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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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My Favorite Place.
My favorite place is Dubai. Dubai is my favorite place because of the spectacularviews and scenery the city holds. It is also accommodates huge skyscrapers thattower the lavish city reflecting the heat of the searing sun. Dubai is great as ithosts beautiful beaches with crystal clear water with rippling waves cooling the city’s residents

. Golden sand is also complementary for a lovely walk across thebeach.Dubai has amazing views and scenery that would astonish anyone who has notseen such a sight. Dubai is like a piece of art finely painted by the creator of amasterpiece. Its man-made islands a carving detailed and planned very precisely.Its nightlife a magical array of lights that light the city like a tropical islandshimmers. Large skyscrapers fill the city’s space but are welcome guests in Dubai as they help boost the wealth of the city as well as its general look. The incrediblebuildings are deluxe edition to the views as the towering buildings help touristssee the Dubai from amazing heights and giving them a view as far as the eye cansee. Dubai also holds the record for the tallest building in the world called the BurjKhalifa.As well as buildings Dubai also sports wonderful landscapes including theextravagant beaches with pure golden sand and shimmering water. Dubai’s

beaches are very popular and large amounts of people flock to the cool waterevery day. The shimmering water is a diamond with light reflective pigmentsshowering it with light and radiating it back. Its waves roar at the best of times forthe keen surfers. A walk would also wipe frowns wishfully from those not fond of staying inside.
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