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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Love Is Where the Heart Is
In today’s mainstream, movies often depict situations that reach beyond the boundaries of reality. Movies such as Transformers and Avatar solely provide entertainment. They do not provide a relationship that could occur in everyday life, because they feature creatures beyond known reality. However, movies on the other end of the spectrum, such as P.S. I Love You and A Walk To Remember, show instances that can relate to people. One of the best romantic comedies, Return to Me, a movie about life, family friends, and love portrays instances that people can relate to, making the movie outstanding.

Often times people take life for granted until they experience something tragic. Return to Me depicts the preciousness of life. Out one evening, Bob Rueland, a Chicago contractor, along with wife Elizabeth, a zoologis,t attend an important fundraising dinner. On the way home they get in a vehicle accident, tragically killing organ donor Elizabeth. Fatal vehicle accidents occur daily, and the movie does a great job portraying how all people involved would feel in that event. Such events can either positively or negatively affect ones life. Devastated by the loss of his companion, Bob spirals into a deep depression. Many people have experienced the loss of a loved one and can relate to the emotions of the loss such as Bob does. This movie does an excellent job at showing the hardships that come with the death of a loved one. Bob suffered a loss in order for Grace Briggs to have the opportunity to live a longer life. Grace has a heart condition, and needs a heart transplant. In order for a person to have a second chance at life, another person has to pay the ultimate price, which is what happens when somebody needs an organ donation. Return to Me emphasizes the importance of organ donations, and the impact it has on both sides of the situation.

Family and friends have many influences on a person’s life. Grace’s family and...
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