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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Elynn Micah Porras
RDG 099-02
Professor Brookins
February 27, 2013

A Fountain on Every Corner
I think that plastic bottles are a waste and can pollute the city without care. I agree that public faucets are equally filthy compared to drinking water that comes in plastic, factory sealed. I see that most town’s especially New York City agreed on tap waters than plastic water bottles. It says on the article that New York City spent $700,000 on a campaign reminding New Yorkers that their tap water is tasty and affordable. I myself agreed on that since I tasted different kinds of waters and tap water is one of the best.

In my opinion, most people are in a rush especially in the morning heading to work; grab- and –go society it says by Elizabeth Royte. Because of this, they do not have the time to stand up and go to a bubbler and drink fresh, clean water. Most of the societies nowadays are too busy and sometimes, they do not care if they drink from a plastic water bottle or bubbling water, as long as it is water, they will drink it. A good quote from the article is “It’s not so easy, walking down Third Avenue on a hot day, to get a glass of tap water.” It expresses how people are slacking. However, to those people who live in suburbs have no time to go to the supermarket to buy pack of plastic water bottles, so they have no choice but to drink tap water.

Finally, I agree that bubbling water is clean. Bubbling water is sometimes called Cloudy water. It is filled with air inside but it is harmless so there is nothing to worry about it. In conclusion, I myself would rather pick tap water and bubbling water than plastic water bottle.
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