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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Uy, Anna Roxanne
Who am I
Last January 19, 2013, we attended a seminar for our Synthesis Class. The whole activity can be summarized to 3 words “Who am I”. Early morning going up to the OH 3rd floor, I didn’t know what we were going to do. I arrived late since I was asked to pick up the sound system for the day’s activity, when I arrived everyone was in the squat position performing some sort of exhibition. That’s when I remembered we were asked to bring mats for yoga. I hurriedly but quietly entered the room, took a spot next to my friends and followed through. My yoga experience was amazing, I have tried it before but I was on my own with the instructor on the television. The thing I remember most from the instructor is that: “relax the mind and body if a thought comes in, don’t push it away but embrace the thoughts”. Next up was a more strenuous activity since it involves all the muscles in your body, yes! DANCING. I can say my dancing skills are in between, I’m not good or bad at it so the easy steps given where a help. After a few minutes of rest and for us to change, we continued the program. This part is the financial literacy, where we were given clays for us to form one want and one need, for my need I decided to make a graduation hat and diploma, this symbolizes that what I need right now is to graduate. For my want I, it is a fact that I really like going on vacations whether alone or with my family and friends and so, with the unending this being required of us in school what I rellly want right now is to take a break and have a vacation, so I created a person swimming in the sea with a sun. Then we were tasked to write in the paper our net value, I realized that I’m not worth a lot but my liability is zero, I do not like the idea of owing money to someone, My parents has taught me to pay all my borrowed money even if it is 1 peso. Lunch was served late since we also started late, afterwards we continued. Next up is Emotional – How well do we know...
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