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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Team Management Plan
Manuia Enterprise is mainly a landscaping company, but also provides additional services such as painting, rock wall building and many other jobs depending on the level of difficulty. In landscaping business, the most important position is the manager/supervisor. They are responsible for planning/coordinating the jobs the workers are involved in, and also reviewing contracts, and answering any questions from the customers. They need to have skills such as analytical, communication, leadership, and organizational skills. The other essential position is the landscapers or “the laborers.” They are responsible for carrying out any of the jobs or projects assigned by the supervisor. They also provide a pleasant outdoor environment by ensuring that the grounds they work on are attractive, orderly and healthy. There are no requirements to being a landscaper except the age requirement of 18. Name of Service ProviderAddress and Phone #Services

CPA Luana Mahi481 Pueo Dr, Kula, HI 96760 and
(808) 878-3652Prepare and examine financial records. Completes the taxes for the company. Badger Arakaki (Attorney)Pioneer Plaza, Suite 1140, 900 Fort Street Mall, Honolulu, HI 96813 and (808) 566-0855To ensure the company is legal and to protect the company’s name.

Company’s Description
Legal Description:
Manuia Enterprises is a sole proprietorship currently managed and owned by Joe Kapisi. He makes all the final decisions for the business. It is mainly a landscaping business, but also offers services such as painting, rock wall building and many other jobs depending on the level of difficulty. This business focuses on getting the job done clean, quick, and pleasing the customer. History of the Company:

Manuia Enterprise was started by Joe Kapisi in 2004 and, has since, owned and built this business. He named his business “Manuia Enterprise” because the word “manuia,” in Samoan, means good luck or blessing, so he decided to...
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