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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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Kellan McTague
Period 8
Portfolio project #1

History: see timeline
Mission statement: We've Got Technology Covered!
Demographics: Statistics that describe a population in terms of personal characteristics. Otterbox deals with demographics in various ways, primarily with colors and designs on their cases. They have black, a sort of universal color but they also have colors like pink and designs like camouflage. Otterbox really has something for everybody and that’s why they are so successful. Psychographics: Statistics that involve the studies of consumers based on social and psychological characteristics. Otterbox has many experts deal with psychographics. I was talking with my dad’s friend who works for Otterbox and he explained how they use psychographics to get people to buy their product. He even said the color of the package the product comes in matters. Otterbox primarily uses yellow on their packages, because research shows it is an eye catcher. Otterbox definitely has psychographics figured out. Geographics: The segmentation of the market based on where people live. Otterbox really likes to make people see them as a local company and they are a local company so it’s not hard for them to do this. They are currently in the process of buying and renovating two more buildings down town. However, they do currently have two international offices and their product is no longer just in Fort Collins, but across the whole world.


1998: Otterbox is founded is Fort Collins Colorado and primarily specializes in rugged and waterproof cases for various items 2004: Otterbox introduces cases for IPods
2007: the company comes out with the defender series, Otterbox’s most successful line 2010: Otterbox opens their first international office in Cork Ireland 2011: Otterbox opens a second international office in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Otterbox is a relatively new company but already is thriving.
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