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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Going for the look, but Risking Discrimination|
Chyna Wayne|
Period 5
Exp. Reading and Writing 1


In the society we live today, where outside beauty is more important than inner beauty, businesses have realized how to take advantage of that look to their own benefit .They have looked at trends and realized that it is profitable to hire those with outer beauty. Businesses are only hiring certain races in order to project that image, it has been questioned whether these businesses are discriminating. I agree with Cohen that it is a smart move to hire based on image because it is an effective marketing strategy. In the article, Going for the Look, but Risking Discrimination, it says that “hiring attractive people is not necessarily illegal, but discriminating on the basis of age, sex, and ethnicity is." The companies cannot help it that only certain types of people fit their marketing image and their hiring strategies are not exactly discrimination because they have nothing else against other people except that they aren't selling material. They have to be able to come up with ways to get consumers attention. They would not get a non- attractive person to advertise beauty supplies because people would not be attracted by this. If we go into a store and see models dressed in fancy clothing it makes us want to buy what they’re wearing so we can look like them.

Looks are attractive to the eye; that is human nature since it is the strongest sense and will not likely be subject to change. The first impression that someone always gets from another person is based on the way they look. In a world where most people care about how they look it is essential for companies to portray an image that is attractive and makes the person want to look that certain way. Abercrombie and Fitch is an example of a store that excels at doing this. They hire buff guys and attractive white girls to portray a...
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