Louvre and Paris

Topics: Paris, France, Louvre Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Madeline Davidson
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Paris, France

It is more often than not that we look at Paris for its beauty vacation destination attraction than for what it truly is, a place enriched with amazing history. A place that is to often looked at for its beauty, not its meaning. The establishment of Paris is astounding with it being 2000 years old. Initially known at Lutetia, it was conquered by Julius Caesar in 52 B.C. The French kings who governed France from 448 until 1848 made many beautiful monuments in Paris which include the palace of Versailles and the Louvre Museum. The Catholic Church being a big part of Paris built many great churches which include Notre Dame and Sainte Chapelle. Paris first became the capital of France in 508 under King Clovis. It is very significant to its country because it is the largest country in Europe. It is also the core of ile de France region. Paris is the political, cultural, and intellectual capital of France. Its elevations are 90 feet above sea level and its surface is 41 square miles. It is located in central northern France. The city does not corner any major body of water and is relatively flat. Some ancient landmarks in Paris are: the Eifel Tower and the palace of Versailles. The Eifel tower is 1050 feet an was completed in 1889. The palace of Versailles home of King Louis XIV was once the most famous monarch and former seat of the French government, People groups populating the city of Paris are 17% Muslim, 21% black, 14% North American, 20% western African, 2% middle eastern, 7.5% Asian and 4% Vietnamese . Famous people who have lived in Paris are Claude Monet and Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. Religious practices in Paris are predominately Catholic. The transformation of Paris over time into the modern era is the transformation to a more techonological atmosphere and adapting to the modern day fashion and socio-economical culture. Paris as a whole has modernized itself in the technological sense as most...
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