Louise Brooks and the Flapper Era

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  • Published : October 8, 1999
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The flapper era was the time of the worship of youth (pandorasbox/flapper). Flappers were women of the Jazz Age. They had measurements of pre-adolescent boys, with no waistline, no bust, and no butt. Flappers had short hair worn no longer than chin length, called bobs. Their hair was often dyed and waved into flat, head-hugging curls and accessorized with wide, soft headbands. It was a new and most original style for women. A lot of make-up was worn by flappers that they even put on in public which was once unheard of and considered something done only by actresses and whores. Flappers wore short, straight dresses often covered with beads and fringes, and they were usually worn without pantyhose. Young flappers were known to be very rebellious against their parents, and society blamed their waywardness partially on the media, movies, and film stars like Louise Brooks (Szabo). Louise Brooks was a big part of the Jazz Age and had a lot of influence on the women of the 1920's. Being a film star with a great, original personality she is known for being one of the most extraordinary women to set forth the Flapper era. Her sleek and smooth looks with her signature bob helped define the flapper look (pandorasbox/flapper).On November 14, 1906, in Cherryvale, Kansas, Mary Louise Brooks was born. She had two brothers, one sister, and parents, Leonard and Myra Brooks, who was a costume maker and pianist. In 1910, Brooks performed in her first stage role as Tom Thumb's bride in a Cherryvale church benefit. Over the next few years she danced at men's and women's clubs, fairs, and various other gatherings in southeastern Kansas.At ten years old she was already a serious dancer and very much interested in it. In 1920, Brook's family moved to Wichita, Kansas, and at 13 years old she began studying dance (pandorasbox/chron). Louise Brooks had a typical education and family life. She was very interested in reading and the arts, so in 1922 she...
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