Louis Xiv--Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles, Louis XIV of France, Jean-Baptiste Colbert

At What Cost Should Splendid be Achieved?
Splendid is a term that Webster's Dictionary defines as 1. Magnificent and sumptuous. 2. Distinguished or glorious. Splendour means even more than that. It can be used to describe something so excellent in all ways that it leaves a person in awe. The Palace of Versailles is often associated with that term, but should it? The Palace is indeed magnificent, but what the king had done to his country and people was not. This palace cost the country of France a great amount of money, but that still did not make the king change his decision about building it. King Louis XIV had the ability to play the role of a great leader. This ability allowed him to have followers who agreed with what he was doing, no matter what the consequences. After a revolution in France during 1789, the Palace was left behind to stand and decay until 1837 when it was transformed into a museum. Today with more than eight million visitors per year, the Palace of Versailles is known to be the largest History museum in the world. ("The Palace of Versailles." http://www.a-castle-for-rent.com. 09 May. 2005 ).

Versailles is a city that is south-west from Paris, France. Versailles was lost among tall trees, with a few corn field and marshy grounds bursting with game of every kind. Here stood "an old ruined castle with five large rooms, two small towers over the entrance gate, two courtyards, a garden, a close, a dovecote, a sheep-fold, the whole comprising a little more than four acres." (Poirier, Rene. The Fifteen Wonders of the World. Page 111-112). King Henri IV often hunted here. He believed Versailles to be his escape from reality. Henri IV would often be accompanied by his son Louis XIII on his hunting voyages. After the death of Henri IV, a week never passed without Louis XIII escaping from the intrigues of the Louvres to return to the scenes of these childhood memories which he cherished most. Louis XIII remembered that his father wanted...
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