Louis Xiv Essay

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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Tyler Ekroth
Mr. Politelli
Western Civ Pd 7
30 September 2012
Was Louis XIV an effective ruler?
Want an effective leader? Then Louis XIV would not be a great choice. I believe he is an ineffective leader because of a few reasons; one, he lost all four wars that he placed wages on, leading France to bankruptcy. Two, he failed at his goal of becoming the master of Europe. And third, because protestants would not convert to Catholicism, he threatened to kick them out if they didn’t convert or execute them if they stayed, because they left, the businesses they owned and ran, left with them. In fact, I thought Louis XIV was effective at one point because he was very smart about something; he built Versailles and paid the nobles well to live there, so he could keep an eye on them. So no, Louis XIV was not an effective leader because he bankrupted France, failed at the one thing he was focused on doing and kicked out the Huguenots. Louis XIV was ineffective because he was very confident in himself and his army that he put wages on wars he was a part of and lost. He lost four wages, on four wars. Because of that, France went into bankruptcy. France was at war for 30 years under the rule of Louis XIV. Louis XIV toughest war was the Spanish succession. His grandson inherited Spain, along with all of its possessions. He wanted to unite with him, which would give him other countries, islands and colonies to own. One of the main reasons why Louis XIV lost the wars he did was because of the balance of power. He was much more powerful than the countries he was about to go to war with, smartly, the European countries allied up with each other; balancing out the power between them and France. With the European powers allying to prevent Louis from uniting Spain and France together, they overpowered France. Louis agreed to the Peace of Utrecht; Spain and France crowns could never unite, giving the allied Europeans what they wanted. If Louis had won, he would have control of...
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