Louis Riel- a Hero

Topics: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Canadian Pacific Railway Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: May 13, 2013
I feel as if Louis riel does not even deserve to have a trial right now. He is a good man and violence was his last option, Thomas Scott was undeserving. All the curses and mentality he had was un-needed on this earth. Louis Riel is needed though, he has saved the Metis and First nations many of times. He came back to them and they could rely on him, he never went out of reach for them. And yes, we all know he was in mental hospitals, and people did think he was crazy but Louis has never shown anything major to prove it. He has been mentally stable for a long time. This is merely how people look at him, inside he is a mastermind. Almost all his decisions were correct and led them through murky waters towards a beautiful island, figuratively speaking of course. Louis Riel had helped since his young years first to be noticed by sending surveyors off the land. And if he wanted a provisional government so be it Louis Riel would have had plenty of reasons behind it. He, Louis Riel, stood up for Native rights and defended the Metis, he should not be punished for that. This is absurd! Louis Riel should also be thanked by the government too as he Led the Northwest Rebellion of 1885, which showcased the capabilities of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Yes I know his rebellions were bad and people think of him as a villain for that but these rebellions were with a cause. I am positive if the government had listened and not stole their land things would have went down very much so different. Things would surely not have resulted in this catastrophe! And to put another point in mind he wrote up the List of Rights, and indeed were they good. He was a man of smarts, and had a mastery of new ways to save the people. He protected his people, and his land from the British who wanted to move the Métis into reserves and assimilate them. As a result his decision to create a provisional government was the right thing to do! But seen as a threat from the British and Canadian government,...
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