Louis Riel: Hero or Tyrant?

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  • Published : February 24, 2012
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Louis Riel- Hero or Tyrant* Many people till today think that Louis Riel was not guilty and that his sentence was just an easy way for the Canadian government to get him out of their way. Louis Riel was the leader of the Métis during the Red River Rebellion and the Northwest Rebellion. He was hanged on November 16, 1885 for treason, but was he a real villain? Louis Riel is undoubtedly a national hero because he stood up for Métis rights. In my opinion Louis Riel was a hero in many ways. After the rebellions Riel could be called a villain because he challenged the government and wrongly viewed their ideas, led rebellions against the government and Ran away to the US after he killed Scott, but if people looked at it a little closer they would see that Riel was pushed to act the way he did. Before the Red River rebellion the level of tension was increasing in the red river settlement due to the arrival and actions of the surveyors and land speculators. Riel disapproved of the

actions, so he organized bands of Métis to confront them. He later formed the Métis national committee to fight for Métis concerns about their land. He then occupied Fort Garry. That is what triggered the Red River Rebellion. Riel wanted to make sure that his people would retain their rights and traditions. In order to do so Riel set up a provisional government. Angered by recent events the Métis drew up a list of rights. Riel later led a party of armed Métis to Shultz home and took members of the Canadian party to Fort Garry. Thomas Scott was executed by a Métis firing squad because he went against the provisional government. Throughout and after this rebellion there were many terrible results. Riel got banished by the Canadian government for five years. The members of the provisional government that Riel set up were granted amnesty. Thomas Scott was executed which made the government see Riel as a felon. Riel was wanted by the government. Riel feared his life so he ran to.
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