Louis Riel

Topics: Red River Rebellion, Louis Riel, North-West Rebellion Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Was Louis Riel a hero?

I think that Louis Riel was a hero because he really treasured his people and protected him in any way he could.
He had many accomplishments in life like how he learned many languages and he was seen as the guy who many people thought would lead them to freedom.
When the surveyors were being rude and invading their land like it wasn’t even there, he stopped them from passing by his cousins land. He also created a provisional government which was a threat to Britain which is probably what Louis Riel wanted.

He also helped the French a bit...maybe without him knowing, but he still did. He murdered Thomas Scott, an Englishman, which the French despised. So he was considered a hero to the french as well.

Many parties did not include the metis into decisions and didn’t allow them to have a voice. Riel got tired of this, and led many rebellions (The red river rebellion and the North west rebellion) which, showed his leadership. He also created the Metis bill of rights to protect his people. And he returned to his people to form a government and a rebellion. He knew the risk of being charged with treason, but still fought for freedom. He encouraged his people to fight like him against the North West Mounted Police for their rights and their identity. He took the full responsibility for the rebellion and his last words dying on his lips were still trying to protect his people. Although some of his acts may seem unreasonable and rebellious, his goal was always to protect and fight for his people.
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