Louis Pasteur

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Imagine that you live in the 1800’s. A dog with rabies had bit you and there is no way to cure it. There would not be a cure until 1852, when a scientist named Louis Pasteur would discover the cure, and he’d be one of the most important scientists of all time.

Louis Pasteur was born in the city of Dole, France, on December 27, 1822 (Manning 193). His father had been in the military and he had 3 siblings, all of whom died at early ages (Dakes 165). Growing up, his family was very poor (Adler),and he was a slow but careful student who showed a talent for art (Manning 193). Even though he had a below average grade in chemistry (Encyclopedia of Life Sciences), who would've thought a very poor, failing student would become one of the world’s most famous scientists?

After high school, Pasteur went to college. He failed his college exam the first year, but passed the next (Adler). A few years later, after getting out of college, Pasteur decided to study in crystallography, which soon made him famous (Encyclopedia of Life Sciences). At age 26, decided he was tired of studying crystallography and tried a different field: bacteria (Manning 193).

Studying bacteria was far more successful than studying crystallography. He had discovered three new types of bacteria: staphylococcus, streptococcus, and pneumococcus (Dakes 165). He also discovered chicken cholera, proved microbes reproduce, and proved that microorganisms are caused by living things and germs, and that microorganisms are killed at 122 degrees Fahrenheit (Jones 38). During this time, Pasteur studied beer and wine making. Industries are also thankful to him for saving the wine and silk industries. He found a disease living in wine and silkworms, but found a cure to it (Encyclopedia of Life Sciences). This process became known as pasteurization (Manning 193).

Later on in his life, he became a chemistry professor in Strasbourg, France (Manning 193). In 1847, he was appointed a professor in physics, and...
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