Louis: French Revolution and Xvi the French

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Prepositional Paper: King Louis XVI

The French Revolution is remembered with different opinions. However the years from 1789 to 1799 was a reign of terror. It was a time in French and Europe history where the monarchy government went through a lot of changes and was overthrown by the French citizens. Some of the reasons for this revolution was because of the high and unfair taxes, which only the third estate had to pay, and the lack of kingship from King Louis XVI. When the French people didn’t want to deal with the mess anymore, they went and overthrew the government and guillotined first the King and later the Queen. This lead to a different government and the end to the absolute monarchy.

Since both Louis liked living in luxury and to rule the country. He did everything to get more money, not caring for others. They increased the taxes for the third estate and used it all for their own self. This put hatred in the French citizens and soon they stormed the Palace of Versailles and put the royal family in jail. They tried to escape, but could not succeed and we’re sentenced to death. King Louis was killed on January 21. King Louis did not see the French revolution coming but when he did his goal was to stop the revolution. His attempt failed because he hadn’t paid attention to how to rule a country earlier. He had no idea what to do against the revolution. When he realized that he had caused this trouble and that people wanted him dead and his family. He all of a sudden had a different goal , all he wanted to do was stay alive. To get this to happen, he hid behind as many other people as possible and didn’t care about them. This shows his selfishness and his disrespect toward his guards. Another goal that King Louis XVI had during the French Revolution was to stay King and keep France a monarchy. He could have ended the revolution by asking the third estate what they wanted. To get away from all the people that wanted him dead, King Louis tried...
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