Lotus Interview Questions

Topics: Replica, Replication Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: October 7, 2010
1) What is ID file?
2) Which is the common backup file?
3) what is desktop6.NDK?
4) What is names.nsf?
5) What is bookmark.nsf?
6) What is the difference between lotus notes 7 and 8.....?
7) What is replica?
8) What is the difference between Server and local?
1) Id file contain the information of user name and password and when his id and certificate will expire. 2)
1) desktop6.NDK
2) bookmark.NSF
3) Names.NSF
5) Notes.ini

3) It contain all the information about Workspace.
4) It contain all the information about Address book and location. 5) It contain all the information about the shortcut button which shows left sight in lotus. 6) Both version has a different look. When we installed lotus 7 then it automatically save in C:\lotus\notes\data folder. But lotus 8 installed in C:\IBM\lotus\notes\data. In the version 7 we have to installed the same time manually but version 8 has sametime inbuilt. If we creat local replca in lotus notes 7 so we do right click on server then create local replica. But in Lotus 8 before all this we have to go in view and we have to check Advance button the local replica button shows on server. 7) Replica is a mirror of server both work are same when mail come on server then after some time it replicate on local. when we create the replica then we have to do the setting in Edit current means what is the server ip and replication interval, Replication daily between...(Time) , Replication should be repeat after 2 or 3 minutes later.We can select days(Sun to sat). When our Mail qouta shows full and we are not having new mail in that case we have to do archive

8) A replica is a duplicate of a database with the same replication ID number as the original database. Notes lets you create a local (offline) replica of any database you use. Through replication, Notes can keep a local replica identical with the database on the server, so you make changes once, but...
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