Lottery Ticket

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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Journal Topic #1: Given that literature is an expression of one's, or a group of peoples, culture, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions, discuss the theme of greed as it pertains to Ivan D and modern day society.

What the story the “Lottery ticket” by Anthon Chevoh and the song the “Good Life” by Kanye West has in common is they both depict how people imagine the fortune and what money can buy them without have actually having the money in their possessions. They both explain how money could change things from either good to bad. Ivan D went from believing that if his wife had won their life would be much better together, but has he continued to fantasize thoughts of greed and that his wife would leave him crossed his mind. In the song Kanye and T-Pain only envision what they perceive as the “good things” in life. When it comes to reality that is how people act the possibility to win the lottery for becoming rich and famous gets people’s mind going and they become infatuated with the thought. Everything they think about become only about themselves. Paranoia starts to take place just as in the story with Ivan and his wife and people start to believe that the ones closest to them are plotting against them. No matter the time period life can always get better if your poor and the mentality of people have not changed. They want it all and have no intentions on sharing sometimes not even with their own husband or wife. The song gives modern day light on the same old situation of “when I make it” everyone believes at one point money will make everything better and life seem happier. In the story it shows how all of the dreams of what can be done with the winnings are too soon thought of and are ripped from underneath you when another number was picked.
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