Lottery Ticket

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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The Lottery Ticket Essay

In this essay the themes of greed, suspense and real life will be discussed. Have you ever wondered why the lottery has such an effect on people’s minds? The answer to that question on your mind is greed. Greed is one of the major themes in this short story. This theme is used to explain the effects on people’s minds and how one minute your dreams can seem so harmless but then you start getting more into depth and then a little monster comes and invades those dreams, he makes you become greedy and think only of yourself. Not only does this happen in Chekhov’s story but it happen to each and every one of us in real life.

In our everyday lives, we always run into situations where we get jealous and greedy; no matter what that situation may be that little monster comes to invade your thoughts. In my opinion it is honestly a load of “something” if someone was to tell me that they are never greedy! Greed happens to everyone every day, whether it may be something as little as being a “grade-grubber” trying to get ever last mark or something big like large sums of money, it still happens every day.

Do you know that feeling you get when your favorite character of your favorite television show gets locked in a jail cell with zombies trying to attack him, and the show suddenly ends with “to be continued…”, and you sit there mad because you can’t wait until next week to find out what happens to him? Well, that is what authors, producers and play writes ect., use to have an effect called suspense. Suspense is used by many people in many different things. It is used to keep the reader’s attention throughout the story. For example, in the story the Lottery Ticket, Ivan Dmitrich and his wife check the newspaper to see if they have won the lottery. They look down the list and find the series number, and without looking at the rest of the number, Ivan starts his planning. This is what draws the reader in because...
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